Academic Calendar

Semester II Dates

Mon 27th July 2015
Semester II Teaching begins
Tues 18th August 2015
Census date
Mon 21st Sept - Fri 2nd Oct 2015
Mid-semester non-teaching period
Fri 30th October 2015
Semester II teaching ends

Welcome to SACOTC

St. Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Theological College (SACOTC) is a unique place in the Southern hemisphere! Spread over 22 acres of tranquil bush land it is an ideal place for study of theology, spirituality, reflection and worship. It is an ideal atmosphere for those preparing for ordination to the priesthood, future theologians and for many who will enter many fields of ministry.

Our College is named after the great pillar and doctor of the Church - St. Athanasius the Apostolic (20th Pope of Alexandria). He was also known as Athanasius Contra Mundum (Against the World) because he stood in defense of the biblical doctrine of Christ. At SACOTC we have a duty to continue in the footsteps of St. Athanasius in the sense of preserving the Truth of the Gospel in our generation and for generations to come.

SACOTC aims to serve the Church in a constantly changing world. The challenges facing the Orthodox Church and its people are many in the 21st Century. Our College strives to faithfully witness to the Message of the Gospel and to equip our students with the tools for presenting this Message to the Post Modern world we live in today.

The College strives to promote high quality courses by qualified professionals in all fields of theology. One of the aims of the College is to equip those students who are interested in ministry in the Church; be it in the priesthood, as theologians, as lay teachers working in religious education in our churches and schools, as youth leaders, and to prepare people for field mission throughout the diocese including the South Pacific......Read More